Strategy Overview

Investment Approach

We are fundamental bottom-up stock pickers who invest for the long term. We believe that the best strategy for investment success is by investing in high-quality, well-managed small-cap companies that are trading below their intrinsic value.

We look for companies with:

  • Outstanding management teams
  • Sustainable competitive advantage(s)
  • Strong operating cash flows
  • High returns on capital
  • Stock trading below intrinsic value
  • Consistent long-term growth prospects
   Our biggest advantage is the depth of knowledge we develop on our investments.
About the Portfolio
Investment Style Core
Process Fundamental Bottom-up
Turnover Low
Minimum Initial Investment $5 million
Reasons To Invest
  • Experienced investment team with unique and focused expertise in the management of small-cap strategies
  • Higher return and lower volatility versus the benchmark
  • Rigorous investment process with a hands-on approach ensuring strong practices
  • Deep knowledge of companies and superior access to their management
  • ESG factors reviewed and analyzed as part of a robust fundamental research process
  • 100% owned by its employees, aligning our interests with those of our clients
Strategy Profile
US Small Fact Sheet 2023 Q4

Key Characteristics

Sector Allocation (%)
Top Five Stocks (%)
Security Sector Weight
Iridium Communications Inc. Communication Services 3.2
Envestnet, Inc. Information Technology 3.1
Euronet Worldwide Inc. Financials 3.1
Ensign Group Inc. Health Care 3.0
Federal Signal Corp. Industrials 2.9
Key Financial Characteristics
Market Cap (weighted average) $5,124 M
5-yr expected EPS Growth Rate 12.0%
FY1 P/E (median) 19.4 x
ROE (median) 17.6%
ND/EBITDA (median) 0.6 x
Downside capture (10 yr) 78
Upside capture (10 yr) 95

Strategy Performance in Various Environments

The strategy outperformed its benchmark in a wide variety of market environments over the past 23 years. This was achieved through consistent positioning into attractively valued, high-quality companies, and a balance between high-quality defensive stocks and high-quality growth cyclical stocks at an attractive valuation.

Performance (%) in U.S. dollars

Per period and calendar year performance

Period Van Berkom Russell 2000 Value Added
2023 23.45 16.93 6.52
2022 -11.77 -20.44 8.67
2021 16.79 14.82 1.97
2020 13.61 19.96 -6.35
2019 29.96 25.52 4.44
2018 -2.60 -11.01 8.41
2017 16.58 14.65 1.93
2016 25.89 21.31 4.58
2015 -0.86 -4.41 3.55
2014 4.37 4.89 -0.52
2013 47.63 38.82 8.81
2012 16.55 16.35 0.2
2011 -1.85 -4.18 2.33
2010 25.32 26.86 -1.54
2009 35.3 27.17 8.13
2008 -27.84 -33.79 5.95
2007 12.21 -1.57 13.78
2006 14.94 18.37 -3.43
2005 4.86 4.55 0.31
2004 21.74 18.33 3.41
2003 26.05 47.25 -21.2
2002 -6.72 -20.48 13.76
2001 23.74 2.49 21.25
2000 (06/30) 13.72 -5.88 19.6

Past performance is not a guarantee or indicator of future results. Inherent in any investment is the risk of loss. Composite returns are calculated using the time-weighted method and presented gross of management and trustee fees and withholding taxes.

In U.S. dollars, as at December 31, 2023 (%)

Annualized performance

Period Van Berkom Russell 2000 Value Added
1 Year 23.45 16.93 6.52
3 Years 8.35 2.22 6.13
5 Years 13.44 9.97 3.47
7 Years 11.43 7.33 4.10
10 Years 10.76 7.16 3.60
15 Years 14.83 11.30 3.53
20 Years 11.88 8.11 3.77
SI 12.41 7.42 4.99

Past performance is not a guarantee or indicator of future results. Inherent in any investment is the risk of loss.
Composite returns are calculated using the time-weighted method and presented gross of management and trustee fees and withholding taxes.
SI = Since inception

Portfolio Management Team

Team Member* Role In the Industry Since
Mathieu Sirois Lead Portfolio Manager 2000
Owen Gibbons Senior Portfolio Manager 1998
Ammar Ali Senior Analyst 2005
Alexandre Innes Senior Analyst 2014
Julien Cicci Senior Analyst 2015

* All team members are also Van Berkom and Associates Inc. shareholders.

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